Yahoo…Just Partly Dead

I love the movie “The Princess Bride”. Billy Crystal has a great cameo in which he declares of the Prince…”He is only partly dead!”

I could not find that scene on YouTube (Google must be a short and definitely overpaid :) ), so I hijacked my favorite scene from the movie instead (Google stole YouTube):

The hating hit a crescendo not too long ago with the stock at $22. Today the stock is back at $29 after hours. I have no idea if Yahoo is out of the woods but if the market is happy with Yahoo they will be very happy with Baidu and Google.

Congrats to my friend Mark Pinkus , who was banging the table and buying the stock through the abyss. Today was the potential beginning of the payoff. Or not. Either way, there are better ways to play this bull market. Here is my fun interview a while back with Pinkus .

Disclosure – Long Google and Baidu