The Year 2016 in Stocks – Stocktwits Style

The Stocktwits community grew faster than ever in 2016.

I am excited for what the team has in store for users in 2017.

One of my favorite additions in 2016 is our ‘Daily Rip‘ email, a curated daily email of what everyone was talking about each day in the markets. You can subscribe right here.

Yesterday, the team put together the most incredible list of the 100 most shared, viewed and discussed ideas and charts of the year. It’s a great summary of what went down in the markets and you can scroll few them in a few minutes. Our community is smart and very funny.

These are three of my favorites:

Did Trump change course of Interest Rates

$TNX $XHB $Z $SPY watching rates? did you see housing data? on $DEW $BREAK pattern watch..

— BOT MUNCHER (@BotMuncher1) Nov. 30 at 06:02 PM

What the hell was UnderArmor thinking with those nurse shoes:


— Jim (@JKtrade) Oct. 25 at 06:13 AM

The stock market the day after Brexit (that seems like years ago at this point):

#heatmap post #brexit $SPY 062416 | Black Friday.

— Becky Hiu (@BeckyHiu) Jun. 24 at 06:36 AM

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