Yet Another All-Time Highs for Apple…A Look Ahead

I own the stock and have owned it hard for four plus years. I have sold along the way and looking at today’s closing price of $194…that hurts.

I have not sold stock since $112 and I have not been a buyer so I am just an observer as the trend continues. Until today. I bought some at the close.

It seems to be accelerating again. How is that possible?

There are still too many people that do not own the stock. There is only one Apple. You can’t buy Sun or Oracle or Microsoft or Dell as a proxy. Apple is no longer a tech stock. It’s not a media stock. It’s not a software or design stock. It is a perfectly humming distribution, packaging and selling machine. It’s ‘The Great White Shark’ of technology, perfectly meshing fashion with tech for all but the top end computer geek haters that they will never please and have stopped trying. Thank goodness.

They could sell shit in a white box, slap a wireless sticker on it and blow it out the doors this Christmas.

Each time I visit the store I have a new vision of what the next monster product for them will be.

It seems obvious to me that the iPhone and iTouch are just going to dominate for years. The MacBook will likely pass 50 percent of all North American laptops sold in the next 12 months. Any 12 year old exposed to MacBooks will be an Apple customer FOR LIFE. LIFE!

Other than Corporate America and businesspeople reliant on trading and spreadsheets, there is no reason to own a WinTel product.

They have $15 billion in cash (more than HP, Google, Intel and IBM), and so much open field upgrades coming with a Tablet and big Screen iTouch on deck for 2008 .

If RIMM falls 30 percent more, they can finally make a run at buying them and take over the mobile business market. I have carried both products around for 6 months and I love it. I absolutely love pulling up my portfolio on the iPhone. It is worth the $50/month just for that feature alone. That’s without real time quotes as well. You don’t need them.

Most important of all as I pointed out in our Apple show on Day 1 of Wallstrip and drilled down further 5 or 6 more times on Wallstrips since, they will dominate computer RETAIL FOREVER. Competitors will continue to do THIS . I love that as Comp USA closed 103 stores, Apple opened a monster store , it’s third, in Manhattan (they could open 5 more). Fuggedaboutit!

Disclosure – Long Apple


  1. jim says:

    smartest thing I ever did was take last year’s tax return and buy AAPL.

    I work in entertainment and 8 of 10 in our offices use mac over PC. The last two would probably switch if they could feel as confident/comfortable with using mac’s calendar apps as they do outlook.

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