Yo Alexa…When Should I Sell my Bitcoin?

I have 14 hours of driving ahead of me this morning. Rachel and I are off to San Diego to pick up our dogs and drive them back to Phoenix. We miss them so much as we did not take them to New York for the fall.

Speaking of unconditional love…

I have been getting a lot of love from the readers of this blog and it feels great.

I am in search of LOL’s and love of course, but when it flows so regularly, the Larry David (cynic) side of me says I am due for a digital shitkicking.

Speaking of digital shitkicking…WTF is wrong with Alex Jones and more specifically the people that actually tune into his nonsense. This clip made me shake my head:

Speaking of shaking my head…I thought Josh Brown and I keynoting at a crypto conference 10 days ago would be the top for Bitcoin, but CNBC refused to let me have a moment of glory.

Instead they ran this piece Friday on ‘How to Buy Bitcoin‘ as Bitcoin hit 19,000 (and while Coinbase was busy warning their customers to stop being insane):

As I write this Bitcoin is at $13,000…hello Newman!

I expect Monday afternoon CNBC will run with how to short Bitcoin using Futures as Bitcoin hits $4,000.

It felt right to be selling some Bitcoin last week and the week before. I like selling when I can and not when I have to.

PS – Here are some great reads and listens on the subject of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies:

1. Is Bitcoin Just a Brilliant Wealth Distribution Machine?

2. Coinbase and Bitcoin Singularity.

3. Bitcoin is not a Ponzi Scheme or a pyramid scheme…It is a Nakamoto Scheme.

4. Decrypting Crypto – podcast.

PSS – Make sure you watch ‘Godless’ on Netflix. It was fantastic. Jeff Daniels performance was epic. Thanks to Mrs. Dittman, the lovely wife of David Dittman my Peloton editor for the reco!

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