You Suck…Now Pay Me!

Why cant it be easier to make money by telling someone that they are going to lose money.

Originally posted as a comment by markslater on A VC using Disqus.

Forget the context, the comment made me laugh out loud.

The one place it should be easier to do this, is the one place it never happened – Investment Banking and Research.

This meltdown will change that issue.

Investment Banks are gone. Those that put out good research will now have the chance to make an honest buck off telling clients which businesses suck.

Nobody is paying me to tell you Mahalo is a zero. I do that for free. When I am proven right, people will find me from Google search of Mahalo sucks and Mahalo is a zero and say…’Lindzon is the man’ . They will also search Lindzon is a HATER and find out that it was the CEO of said Zero company (Mahalo) that said it, further reducing Jason’s credibility.

The blog world and now microblog world were made for Finance.

You Suck….Now Pay Me is gonna be big!