Young Investors Reading List …and Young Investor Ali Hamed of CoVenture Joins Me On Panic With Friends

Michael Batnick has a great post outlining the best books a young investor should read.

The next generation of investors is going to have more yoots. Ali Hamed is one of them and he joins me today on the ‘Panic With Friends’ podcast.

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Guest: Ali Hamed

Profile: Co-Founder of CoVenture

Where to Find Him: LinkedIn, Twitter

Fun fact: Ali originally went to Cornell to play baseball, but his future in the sport was cut short after breaking his back in two places during a home run slide gone wrong. But look at him now! And if you like what Ali had to say on this episode, check out his blog.

What’s the Panic About:
According to Ali Hamed, he doesn’t really panic. Well, except for when he sees my name come up on his phone. I can’t imagine why that would cause anyone to panic since I’m such a delight to talk to. Ali is the co-founder of the venture capital firm CoVenture and is the definition of young, scrappy, and hungry. He’s 28 years old, has the biggest smile and best hair, a Cornell grad, smart as hell, and a good friend of mine. I had a great time talking with him on this episode of the podcast and chatting about the art of the cold call, venture capital, crypto, the East Coast, platform economies, the future of New York, and more.

The Takeaway:
Asking for help is important, but people can’t help you unless you clearly articulate what exactly it is you need. Pick up the phone, make connections, ask questions, know the thesis for your company, don’t think too myopically, and have a clear goal in mind. If you want to succeed, you can’t be afraid of the hard work.

Favorite Quotes:
“Part of the reason people get crappy advice is they ask crappy questions.”

“In venture capital, the good thing about having a thesis is people know when to think of you.”

“Arguments to learn are a lot more fun than arguments built to win or loss.”

“In the beginning, building conviction is easier. You haven’t been wrong enough times to create humility.”

Food for Thought:
As pointed out as one of my favorite quotes from this episode, some arguments are built to win or lose. And in my conversation with Ali, we talked about this in the case of bitcoin/crypto. So I’m taking a poll – bitcoin: love it or hate it? Or just tired of hearing about it altogether?

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