Max and Rachel came home to visit us in Phoenix last weekend.

Max brought three of his college buddies and watching them together was hilarious. Like Kavanaugh, they like beer. Unlike Kavanaugh, and anyone from my generation, they rely on Uber which really is a miracle stress reducer as a college kid parent.

The boys also live on Tinder, Instagram and YouTube based on the focus group I ran with them.

Two of Max’s friends are film majors at University of Arizona.

Film does not mean the same thing to them as it does to me.

One of Max’s friends is a YouTube celebrity. His name is Colin Duthie.

Here is his YouTube page. He has 430,000 subscribers and his life is just starting for chrissakes.

He took an Instagram with our dog and got more likes that all of my Instagram’s over 8 years.

He travelled the world with other YouTube creators for a year and is taking the year off from making YouTube videos while a freshman to rethink how he wants to rethink how he expresses himself through video.

He was telling me about his first year required film classes and it sure seems like college is just slowing him down.

Another thing I learned…if you are building a brand for millennials and not recruiting from YouTube, you are not doing it right.

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