YouTube Dominance Continues…The Great DEFLATOR!

Asset inflation is rampant. I have few opinions but have been adamant about how we are being inflated to death. I have blogged about WINflation and I still believe it, but as a total pie argument, inflation is a killer and chips away at us all in some way . Fred had a good post on the dangers of inflation in the venture and private equity world . He is dead on and you must be careful.

I still believe we will have major winners if you understand the landscape I am describing and Fred does in his post. Let’s look at YouTube.

I am not amazed at the continued dominance of YouTube. Google stole the business and YouTube keeps on keeping on. I know the argument…YouTube built on theft and copyright.. and yada yada yada, as if the old media content companies are clean…please.

YouTube just had their big conference in New York . They unveiled some new analytic tools which are so important as the tidal wave of video surges. Darren was there and has some good insights .

It’s an unstoppable force. It’s cheap and people will just keep making it. For those worried about all the noise, it’s going to slowly be solved as discovery tools along with search get better.

Though they dominate, the remnant video sites will always be important. Those that syndicate, gather and analyze will always be in a strong spot and it’s why I invested in TubeMogul back a few months.

Web 2.0 is always talked about as a bubble, but what it really is and I said it first back in July 2006 is a DEFLATOR of 1.0 Companies. In it I used now on auction block Gety Images as the sad example . I said more GETY’s to come…

For example…New York Times, Microsoft, Yahoo (pre acquisition nonsense), Time Warner. Get used to it.

You need to position yourself and your portfolios accordingly to be invested in the DEFLATORS and WINflation leaders.


  1. ivanhoff says:

    inflation is the perfect way for wealth distribution – from the poor to the rich. Check the list with the best performing markets around the world for 2007 and you’ll see that the top of list is led by countries with very high inflation:
    China CSI 300 index 179.75%
    Ukranian PFTS index 135.41%
    Slovenia total market 96.90%
    Nigeria stock exchange 87.17%
    Bangladesh DHAKA stock 86.19%
    Croatia Zagreb crobex 80.84%
    Brazil Bovespa stock index 72.44%
    Istanbul ISE national 100 index 71.91%
    African Mauritius stock exchange 70.00%
    Bombay BSE sensex 30 index 65.23%

  2. RickH says:

    great post!
    i remember at first thinking Youtube was a kids fad trend, until i started poking around and found the wealth of material. what a brilliant buy that was by google, and will continue to be.
    good call in July too on sagging dollar and metals. gold has been treating us well.

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