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I love surfing the web and I love selling. Today my friends are launching Zentact (a Firefox application) which combines the two in a more seamless way (I am an angel investor).

I spend all my time on the web and don’t use a CRM or sales product anymore – I used to live on Act! I live in a lightweight world of sales. But, it makes sense for salespeople who live in the CRM and contact management worlds to also have a lightweight application that will help increase relationships and therefore sales.

I have known Eric Marcoullier from the early MyBlogLog days and when he sat and demo’d Zentact to me a few months back with Jared, John and Todd I felt like the application was a sales tool that mimicked how my brain works when I am surfing. My brain though can’t possibly hold all the relevant bits of information about all my contacts, and thats where Zentact comes in for me.

Is selling an art or a science? Since I believe I am a good salesman, I would like to think it’s all art :) . Zentact is out to prove that they can help teach the art while adding some science. Contacts, Rolodexs, friends on Facebook are all meaningless unless they are real relationships. But some of us are not good at it, we aren’t programmed the same way that super-connectors, business development gurus and social butterflies are.

Quite Simply, as Zentact’s home page points out:


* uses your existing contacts – Google Yahoo! Microsoft LinkedIn
* browses the web with you
* identifies opportunities to reach out
* transforms contacts into relationships

1. Zentact will help you network better – whether being a better knowledge broker, simply staying touch or having something relevant to discuss at a holiday party, Zentact can help.

2. Zentact does this by taking your contacts (GMail/Yahoo Mail/LinkedIN) and their interests and matching them to web pages as you browse. When your old colleague gets mentioned in your favorite blog, an alert box reminds you that you know her (she wasn’t very memorable) and allows you to email or tweet her in a single click.

3. Zentact does make the shit up and you won’t have too either. Zentact only alerts you on pages your already browse not random search engine page hits.

4. Like an old fashion assistant telling you that you need to call so and so since it has been too long, Zentact lets you know how long it has been since you reached out. Today, Zentact is smart about this and will be getting much smarter.

If you want to test it out, send me an email and I will get you an invitation.


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