Zillow is having it's month in the sun. "The Summer of Zillow!"

I have posted frequently about the real estate market and how the coming shakeout in home prices will meet dead on with overpaid, underqualified real estate agents. Check my search bar for past posts on the subjects.

Zillow is a company I check as much as stock quotes.

Don’t share your address with me or I am zooming in on your home and guesstimating your net worth or mortgage payments.

Zillow is having quite the summer.

If you read my past posts or follow Techeme you will see that they have recently raised $25 million, cut an API deal with Yahoo and today over at TechMeme and TechCrunch you will read that they have released an open API and mobile features. Better still, read their blog !

Let me explain one thing – more than travel agents and stockbrokers, these commissioned agents do not see this train coming. The MLS software monopoly will crumble at last. This will get ugly for many agents used to making 6 figure salaries the last 10 years.

Why do I care?

There is huge money to be made off this coming trend and dislocation with agents and home prices. Zillow is the first big winner and I expect to read and follow many more.

The YouTube/Zillow partnership is coming, Yahoo and Zillow are already partners, EBay has a real estate division and Google won’t stand idly buy.

PS – MOVE (stock symbol), formerly HOMS (Homestore) has been a summer casualty of all the changes in this industry. Bono has recently put a slug of money with some smart VC’s in this company and they may be worth following in the public space as a buyer or a casualty of this coming tidal shift


  1. Michael says:

    So what public companies besides MOVE will get hurt? (I can’t even borrow any MOVE from my broker)

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    buddy – i just wrote this post. give me some time and ask your readers.

    Thats how we make money. Your readers will love this story but ask them for the ideas.

    the move in move down may be over. I have some calls to make at ebay than I will decide

  3. candice says:

    Hm. We could use Zillow down in disasterworld, there are a ton of transactions going on. Unfortunately they saw fit to leave us out.

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