Zoom Zoom Crash…Zoom?

I own Zoom ($ZM).

It was easy for a long time and I sold on the way up and felt stupid as it kept going higher.

I have been buying here on the way down below $200 and now I feel stupid again as it trades below $100.

I could have bought so many barrels of oil instead.

Once a day on Stocktwits and Twitter I link to some mistake someone made and add ‘Investing Is Easy’.

It is not!

Anyone that has invested for any reasonable period of time soon realizes it so damn hard and frustrating most of the time.

My pal Charlie who oversees my overall asset allocation strategy and is so good with common sense and data had this to share yesterday on Zoom which sums up how hard investing and specifically owning a growth stock like Zoom can be, even when it is growing:

I will get 100 emails today saying…’Howard you imbecile…growth is slowing’ and/or ‘Howard the Duck, the technicals suck (and you have a big mole on your big nose)’.

I can’t argue. They are right.

While I don’t get into arguments about stocks I do respond to personal insults with …’dad?’.

I digress…

I am in retreat on Zoom because of my risk tolerance and the markets, but Zoom is still an amazing product with an incredibly large market opportunity ahead.