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Investing for Profit and Joy.

I’ve been a financial industry entrepreneur, investor, and provocateur for over 20 years. This is where I speak my mind (so I don’t lose my mind).

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The story behind one of over 100 startups I’ve invested in.

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I’m actively working on several Companies and Passion Projects, including these.

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Stocktwits is the largest worldwide community of investors and traders. We are considered a pulse of the markets and our mobile apps are easy and fun to use. In 2015, we launched an integration with Robinhood, which makes Stocktwits the first non brokerage app to allow one swipe trading. I co-founded it in 2008, and I’m still actively involved today. You can download the apps here.

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I had an idea in 2015 to create a ‘Spotify’ of market data for the mobile world. I convinced Jason Pang to build a team and Social Leverage led an angel round. The ‘SparkFin’ app displays thousands of lists – created by the team and published by users – that investors and traders can scan, share, build watchlists and eventually trade in real time.

And more…

And more…

In addition to my blog, I’ve also written books and done countless interviews (one of my personal favorites making CNBC go to commercial unexpectantly). If you have an investment pitch, get in touch.