From: 2019

What The Hell Is Going On?

Some days the markets just look like this: Nobody knows what will happen Monday. So… In the spirt of this blog post title I read this great essay titled ‘What The Hell Is Going On?‘ by David Perell which discusses, commerce, politics and education, not the markets. Have a great Saturday.

Dear College Students (and Parents)

If you can’t code, write. If you can code…don’t forget to write. Salesforce is the new IBM. The language of the markets and investing are the new Chinese. If you can’t code, write, or sell…you will be being paid by the hour or be billing for your hours…yuck. There is no retirement anymore. Pace yourself. …

Dizzying Speed and Agonizing Slowness

I loved this tweet from my friend Brian Norgard on the subject of product development: Time invested in developing a product is an unreliable, often misleading metric. We overvalue things that take time and effort. We undervalue things that happen swiftly and effortlessly. All that matters is the end result. The same can be said …