A Few Good Reads…

Before I get into the reads…my son Max told me about ‘Red Oaks‘ on Amazon Prime. Ellen and I ripped through Season 1 and 2. Season 1 was excellent.

Backstory…I took the family to see Seth Myers in New York last Thanksgiving and Max was really not interested in going. We got the backstage green room treatment and it was Myers family night which meant Seth was having his family on the show. He has a brother Josh who I did not know was also an actor. Turns out Max recognized Josh from his role in ‘Red Oaks’ and though I got no cool points for knowing Seth, it was pretty cool that Max talked to Josh and probably really fun for Josh to be recognized over Seth.

To the reads…

I really enjoyed ‘A Dozen Lessons About Business from Anthony Bourdain

My friend David Moon had an excellent piece on the ‘Casper’ mattress story. What an amazing company and brand.

Market lovers…Charlie has the definitive post on market bounces – there are FIVE types…one type which took place this week.

You Are What the Record Says You Are…is dead on from Ben Hunt.

One last one from Ben Hunt you can share with your kids in college, but a good reminder for people of all ages – Oh, hell, Martha, go ahead and burn yourself if you want to.

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