A Socially Searchable Stock Network by Feedburner…pretty cool

I have been remiss in not building out the ‘Stock Network’ for Feedburner that I promised a few months back, but now there is a better reason to get off my ass.

Feedburner has added a very important feature – Searching the Stock Market Network.


Check out Fred and Brad’s post on the VC Network. They have 63 VC’s as part of the network. We can do better.

I also suggest that the Feedburner advertising dollars from our network get put to good use as a donation to a group decided charity (I vote for autism), but I am open to suggestions and I am sure there is a way to get people their ad dollars directly. I just want to get started.

1. Howard Lindzon

2. Wallstrip

3. Trader Mike (have not asked, but he better say yes :) )

4. Brian Shannon (same as Mike :) )

5. Fred Wilson (he has some good stock posts once in a while)

Please sign up below in the comments and I will get in touch. You know who you are and I will be calling you anyway.

Every stock blogger is welcome.

UPDATE – The search part of the feedburner network is provided by Lijit.com.

Here is what CTO Stan James has to say about the depth of search:

Hey Fred,

Lijit can search not only the *posts* of everyone in the VC network but also all the members’ bookmarks, dugg items, stumbled items, etc… And with our new release coming out on Tuesday, the search will also include (with reduced weighting) blogs appearing on member’s blogrolls.

Not to get into small network theory and stuff, but basically it’s a search engine which has it’s locus on members of the VC network and their posts, but branches out to include all their data/metadata and those that they link to.

I.e. we’re the gears that turn any blog or network into it’s own little vertical search engine. It’s gonna be so cool!

(Lijit CTO)


  1. Bill aka NO DooDahs! says:

    I’m up for it!

    Would suggest either Salvation Army, Knights of Columbus, or Shriners Children’s Hospitals …

  2. Broker A says:

    Count me in, providing the donations go to the elderly without Monster Energy Soda.

    Truly, an unfortunate circumstance.

    By the way, what the flog is Howard talking about?

  3. Howard Lindzon says:

    FLY – just write. feedburner and lijit will take care of the rest :)

    Thanks everybody and keep joining here.

    Please steal this post and ask your network to join.

  4. Broker A says:

    If someone was smart, they’s use this community thingy to make an ad company.

    Sort of like what Pajama’s Media has done, but for Financial Blogs– and throw Adsense under the bus, where it belongs.

  5. Howard, I’m glad that you guys are giving Lijit a try. I think it will work wonderfully for the database of knowledge that you are looking to build. It has worked well for the VC guys and I’m sure you have just as much to share. Thanks again for the mention and any feedback about the wijit that you could provide would be most helpful.

  6. Steven says:

    I will join.

    As far as charity pick…I am cool with donating to whatever group helped Eddie Daroza move out of the shelter and live an independant life. They seem to have done a great job. LOL.

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