Adobe – Reviewing A Great Trend Investment …and Why You Should Watch/Listen to Momentum Mondays

$ADBE is really a Wall Street darling at the moment.

Today, even their advertising is the best of Silicon Valley

I no longer own the stock but caught a meaty move in 2013.

For years it had sputtered.

Back in 2006, when I thought of Adobe I thought of ‘flash’ and in the beginning era of YouTube, ‘flash’ was a big topic of discussion. I wrote this show for us at Wallstrip and created this character. Flash forward to minute 2 if you want to see our punchline, but watch the whole show to remind yourself what Adobe does:

In 2012, I started following it when a smart digital marketing friend (Darren Herman) write about it.

I dove into it during a December 2012 Momentum Monday and shared my buy on Stocktwits:

I bought the stock and shared it:

@howardlindzon just wanted to say a quick txs for the $ADBE call in Momentum Modays ;-p

— (@cousinHub) Dec. 14 at 08:55 AM

The chart below is the breakout in late 2012. I took it earlier than I likely should have, but I had conviction in the catalysts provided by Darren and also Ben at Stratchery.

As of this morning, the stock is up 100 percent…not bad.

To review how I get my best stock market trend ideas:

1. I get my best ideas from people that don’t care much about stocks or markets. It’s one of the reasons I love ‘angel’ investing and reading technology blogs and following ‘smart people’ (build your peloton around industries and companies).

2. I take real notice if I can understand a catalyst (Adobe had a few).

3. I love it when I can understand the catalyst and industry (why I mostly avoid components, cyclical stocks, banks (balance sheets), airlines) so the news cycles don’t shake me out.

4. I flesh the idea out constantly on the Stocktwits streams.

5. I let price get me in and price and my risk profile get me out.

6. Important for markets to be in a positive trend for best results.


8. Stay under 15 ideas.

If you would like me to do this for you and follow along, it is easy and extremely inexpensive. SIGN UP for and follow along in real time as Ivan and I share our lists and run a model portfolio.

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