Alt Common Sense…Financial Thinking That May Extend Beyond Markets

I have been working on some strategies to govern how I work in this later stage of life. In the business world I have seen just about everything.

I believe in listening more than speaking. I struggle with following this rule the most.

I believe in building and giving credit.

I believe we are all passive aggressive under the right circumstances. I know how that feels so have worked hard not to draw that out of people.

I believe profits matter but believe in profit AND joy.

I believe in win/win/win which means you have to say ‘NO’ a lot.

I believe in mentorship and the earlier people get the best mentors the better.

I believe people will take bad financial news much better than you give them credit for. That said you best not let bad financial news be a shock. It is the easiest way to make an enemy.

I believes there are many right ways to get the job done and no ONE right way.

I believe in laughter.

I believe in rules but there are enough rules in 2016 that enforcing the good ones might be better than adding more and more.

I believe in the ‘perp walk’. I am most open to discussion on this rule.

I believe in simple ideas not the most complex. I like indexing for instance but just because it sounds really simple does not make it the ‘best’ or ‘most’ simple.

I believe life is difficult. It is from a famous book.

I believe in pesudonymous communities…but there has to be ‘house’ rules.

I believe rules are not perfect just like people. That’s why I believe in laughter.

I believe in sharing, not hoarding.

I believe in snark but know that often times it is not funny and so I try to make heartfelt apologies quickly.

I try hard not to be a bully. Bullies are the worst.

I believe ‘free speech’ is a crutch for the meanest people.

I believe in karma but you never live long enough to enjoy most revenge so I also believe in letting it go, though I really empathize with how maddening it is to be wronged.

PS – I believe this post will be edited a lot over time

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