Anglian trumps Ambien and other morning buzz…

My bottomfish Ebay has now crossed $30 for the first time in 3 months and no one believes. Good.

Akamai passes $52.

Rimm is near $110

Doesn’t matter.

Did not sleep worrying about my Anglian account. I m making calls to get a picture of my client’s investment. I see another letter in my inbox – this one from Vega Plus:

VegaPlus Letter.pdf

Big Woop. All the letters won’t make up for the calls Julian has had with the manageres at my account. I will find out today I imagine.

To throw acid on my wound I am watching CNBC in the hope of some news -ya right. Instead, “Pat” from Saturday Night Live (Abby Joseph Cohen) was babbling about Dow 1 billion.

One of my favorite market and stock bloggers is back and has a good reason for why he went dark. Congrats. You should read him.

Roger at Information Arbitrage has a great post on Venture Capital Becoming like the Hedge Fund Industry.

Could not agree more and have been putting my money where my mouth is the last few years. I hope to keep doing so.


  1. BDG123 says:

    It seems Goldman trots AJC out right before they enter a big short position in the market. She needs a new “doo” and some makeup. Of course, her girl friend likely wouldn’t agree.

  2. hair everywhere says:

    E’intesa sulle coppie di fatto. Il disegno di legge sarà pronto entro il 31 gennaio. Il provvedimento riguarderà anche le coppie gay. Siete favorevoli?

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