Apple iPad Review…Joy!

A couple weeks ago I bought the new iPad and I love it (small iPad, no cellular, lowest storage). It is a hardware work of art…

The form factor for taking notes, surfing the web and watching video is perfect for me…

The way it stands on a flat surface is Apple’s way of saying ‘here is your Apple TV’.

I did NOT buy a keyboard or a case because I love my Mac Air for work and writing and the cases are lame.

I DID buy this great case that holds my Mac Air and has a sleeve for the naked iPad, a pen and a yellow pad…

I imagine there will be all sorts of elegant stands and swivels for much larger size versions of this iPad in coming years.

The days of TV’s on your wall are almost over – which is good for artists!

Also – don’t get me started on how ridiculously good the Airpods continue to be as part of my Apple workflow.

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