Apple is Dead, The New Stocktwits iOS App, and Security is Perking…

‘Apple is way behind in AI (Artifcial Intelligence) and the trade wars will crush them in China. They have peaked!’

That was a conversation between two of LP’s that I take very seriously on all things technology.

I just listened and did not even argue.

I don’t argue with smart investors and geeks people when they complain about Apple. I just hold the stock.

It’s definitely not the sexiest stock anymore or the most exciting company, but I won’t kick it out just yet.

This article titled ‘Airpods and the Three Stages of Apple Criticism‘ was on point, seeing we are on the subject of Apple.

As for the markets…this week will be interesting after the messy Friday. I am in San Francisco working Monday and Tuesday so weill just be checking in from my phone.

Speaking of checking into the markets by phone….Stocktwits realeased their new iOS app on Friday.

You can download it here.

The new features are fantastic for both passive and active investors. Users can now experience an improved portfolio feature and more customized Discover content than ever before


I look through thousands of charts on the weekend and this one showing the relative strength of security stocks stood out. If you want to dive a little deeper take a look at the $HACK ETF and the components of it.

Have a great week.

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