Back in Toronto

I grew up in Toronto.

I went to school at The University of Western Ontario.

Yesterday I flew home for the first time in almost two years. I got to see my mom and sister, one is off living in Florida now, and had a late dinner with all my best friends (still from high school).

Toronto keeps progressing.

I flew in on Porter Airlines (prop plane) from Boston and landed at the island airpot which was a fantastic little twist to enter Toronto. I was through customs in minutes and in meetings downtown in another 10. I dread Toronto’s Pearson airport and it’s a major reason I don’t like to make the trek.

For VC’s and bankers in Boston or Toronto wanting to get in and out of Toronto to do business, Porter air is a great service.

Our fund has a few investments up in Toronto – Street Cntxt and Joist. I will be back in a few weeks to spend some time with them as Ellen and I spend the fall in New York city.

My gut from this brief visit back to my hometown is Toronto is primed to become a top five technology startup city. Expanding the island airport would be something that would make it happen yesterday.

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