BAD short Trade but a great day for Stocks

I got stopped out of my SPY puts morning as the S&P exploded again. Bad trade, but I stuck to my plan. I still have some FDX puts and am close to being stopped out.

The tape is just so strong and I paid the price for fighting it.

Other than that a sweet day for all my longs. Tech is super strong.

Apple had another big announcement.


I love the blood red color. Does ZUNE have a color yet?


  1. candice says:

    brown/green, white/black, black/blue.

    (I remembered the brown as being particularly ugly.)

    Love the red. I’m thinking about picking up a second nano to go with the glossy black one I have now.

  2. Jordan Glasner says:

    The Zune project is in the red. Does that count?

    Microsoft can’t compete when style matters.

    Except for the Xbox, Microsoft should get out of product development and focus on trying to compete on the web.

  3. Eddie Daroza says:

    I am a life long Apple fan, but their recent big announcements have been pretty disapointing. Hope something better is on the way, my video ipod is starting to collect dust. And yeah, a day like today makes sitting in class really exciting.

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