Best Buy…Will it be a Teenager?

I won’t really ever be happy until Best Buy is a teenager. It’s my least favorite retailer in America. I have lost way too much money shorting this in my trading days so I just occasionally catch a headline and check in.

Everything they sell can be bought cheaper and faster with MORE service…online! It’s not if…but when.

If you own a mutual fund that owns this, they are lazy, and indexing. They will justify it by saying that Best Buy is the BEST of the WORST. Actually, I was just reading Yahoo finance headlines and I swear, Forbes rolled that old line out already:

Best Buy’s announcement that its fourth-quarter profits took a hit from the sagging economy is worse news for its competitors than it is for Best Buy. Why? Because the consumer electronic retailer is the best-equipped to handle a difficult economic environment, given its size and marketing savvy.

Predictable and PAAAATHETTIC.

Best Buy is so done in this slowdown.

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