Best Day of the Year…I love Bernanke

The numbers were insane across the board. You needed to be in the leaders and on this blog you have been shown plenty.

Gold and OIL exploded as the economy ‘global’, despite what the fed and naysayers think is freaking HUMMING. How about my long time favorite PHO (water ETF), up 5 percent to an all-time high.

I sold my Goldman puts with the stock at $192 and change this morning and it closed at $199. Best loss I took all year.

Loved the action in Gaiam (GAIA) today, up $2 and change to a new all-time high. Don’t hate…participate! SYNA, LIFC, GLD, OIH, BAIDU, GOOGSTER, AAPL, ADBE….

There are breakouts for everybody.

Disclosure – Long everything mentioned.


  1. Chris says:

    Aside from other moves today, I am most proud of my NVR and HOV positions. HOV was my bottom fishing stock but I had other reasons for getting in (you can most likely assume why). Hint: I come from the industry! wink ;)

    I am looking to sell into strength tomorrow morning. If I only had the balls to grab the options, I would be done trading for the month.

    Why did I sell BIDU? Just kidding, I sold because my signal said to sell. Can’t make the top an objective.

    You buddy’s list of top 25 trending stocks looks very similar to some of my recent daily screens. You didn’t trust China related stocks (other than BIDU) early in the year but MR and EDU have turned out nicely.

    Go SNCR and GTLS!

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    i cant own em all. my trading other than the bottom call and quick flip has been average so stoiking with stocks trending that i get

  3. StockRake says:

    At this point BIDU is going to be developing negative divergences in my opinion as price is outpacing indicators by too far of a margin and that will normalize one day in the near future. Unless it splits and then things are fucked.

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