Biotechs on Wallstrip

Cancer is our subject today on Wallstrip and it is very complicated.

The biotech world is a mystery to me. I just don’t follow the individual stocks. I follow the ETF’s – BBH and IBB (btw – my internet connection has been spotty so if someone could link to the ETF breakdowns in the comments that would be appreciated).

What I do understand now that I am 41 and have a better perspective on things is America is fascinated by illness. We worry, we see doctors and we find things wrong with us. The marketing departments of drug companies are using television to spread fear and symptom overload.

As my friend, Dr. Alan Bornstein, discusses on today’s Wallstrip – EARLY DETECTION is a trend and a simple result of our fascination of finding out what is wrong with us. In the cancer field, that means more diagonisis and more treatment. That trend is MONEY for drug and biotech companies.

The next 20 years should see tremendous growth in the biotech industry as drug companies research, acquire and invest in helping and treat patients with cancer and other diseases that were detected early. The Biotech Index has marked time for 4 years. Big swings, but no real trend. I believe that when we are done marking time, the next move will be higher, but I don’t predict. F

Brian does another great job looking at the technicals and possible scenarios for traders.

I will wait to pounce at the risk of paying 5-10 percent more. The drug companies are showing some mojo the last few months and they have been mored in a wicked slump for years. If they continue to gain traction, both bankers and management confidence will rise and the big acquisition game will kick in.

I am interested to hear people’s feedback on how to capitalize on this trend.


  1. Mark says:

    This may be a little off topic, but I don’t think so.

    When you’re at your golf club, look around at the boomers. (I’m at the oldest end of that generation.)

    The women are getting boob jobs, cosmetic surgery, braces for cosmetic purposes, botox, collegen, lipo, hair extensions etc.

    The men are getting hair implants, joints replaced, tiny digital hearing aids, and more diagnostic testing.

    I stay away from diseases – too much to invest in R & D, too much gov’t red tape, and too long to market.

  2. Mark says:

    Stumbled upon this (


    “Biotechnology’s real promise lies in the increased potential for combining diagnosis and treatment. The biomarkers just described could, for instance, have a serum attached, or could be used to switch off the tumor’s angiogenesis receptors, stopping growth in its tracks. In a similar way, radiation therapy could be carried directly to the tumor, minimizing damage to adjacent healthy tissue.

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