Before I get started ….I have signed up for Hulu again. I will pay to watch Jeff Daniels and he does not disappoint in The Looming Tower. Sadly, Hulu still insists on time releasing shows because they suck.

Next up…It’s never been a better time to be an Economist and have a Twitter account. I don’t have much to say about the tariff fever sweeping the White House, but it seems Fat Nixon does have an old tweet that contradicts everything. This one from 2011 is a beauty:

This week should be volatile in the markets because the Italian elections happen today and the Italians seem hell bent on electing their own Trump. This John Oliver piece from last week does a great job of handicapping the lunacy.

Finally…remember Blackberry?

I had almost forgotten about them, but the stock is perking again. Geeks have been buzzing about their QNX operating system. It was a Blackberry acquisition in 2010.

Here is the chart that caught my eye.

Have a great Sunday.

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