Blackberry —from Wallstrip to Zero Percemt 

Yesterday in Boston I visited with my old friend Bijan at Spark Capital. Bijan is a great venture capitalist and we discussed some current deals and old wins and losses. 

He wondered if is there was a Wallstrip 2.0 and I mentioned I was working on one deal which I shared. We chatted about Wallstrip and our ‘Great Blackberry Race’. 

In 2006, at peak Blackberry, I had the idea to pit myself against Fred Wilson, Bijan Sabet and Roger Ehrenberg in an obstacle Blackberry race. It was not exciting , or well acted. 

It was original, funny and totally Wallstrip. 

Enjoy the 4 minutes of silliness.

Amazing how the technology lives of all 4 of us participating in the race have changed as the Blackberry was overtaken by the iPhone.