Blockchain Lindzon and Competition for Stocks

I was chatting with my friend Adam Lilling yesterday in Los Angeles and he told he that he liked getting my daily blog by email but hated that it came to him at 4 am PST. Because I like Adam and I have no idea what my stats for the blog I am just going to change my morning delivery to 6 am PST and 9 am EST. I guess if you have a complaint, corner me in person.

Sidenote – It was fun to have my peers call me ‘Blockchain Lindzon’ at the Upfront conference all week. That means they read my stuff and have a sense of humor. Not enough people in my industry have a good sense of humor and are willing to laugh at themselves.

Now to the markets…

Bitcoin is almost at zero. Congrats to everyone that called the top three months ago and missed $10,000 per Bitcoin of upside (everyone on hindsight Twitter that is).

Apple shed about $100 billion in the last few weeks. I guess selling 77 million iPhones at $1,000/per was disappointing. I may be adding a bit more stock next week.

I think Eddy had the two best market thoughts of the week…for me at least:

There is competition for stocks. Rates are going up.

The markets may be showing signs it actually cares about the disgusting state of our political leaders.

Eddy also has a great reminder on why timing the markets when it comes to owning the best companies is rather silly. Etch this Amazon chart and their numbers into your head:

If you bought Amazon at its exact high 18 years ago, and held on, you’re beating the S&P 500 1,284% to 180%.

This was also a great chart and might explain why it was time for the sellers to control the market this week.

PS – The Stocktwits ‘Daily Rip‘ email continues to be the best way to catch up on on markets and get a few actionable ideas very day.

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