Blogging Times welcomes Chartreuse – the POET

I love The Blogging Times and my partners are the coolest. Dominic works around the clock and Chartreuse is making things happen for us with new content – especially his new daily remix. Lot’s of top bloggers are pitching in to build the blog conversation. It is getting crazy funny with so much original stuff.

Our friend Loren from 1938 is creating lot’s of short videos with his usual hilarity and ridiculous characters. BUT – the news is all real and the OPINION IS FRESH. It is real.

Today we welcome Brian Clark, a stud blogger. He is from Dallas and we hate each other when it come to hoops, but I read him everyday. New to his arsenal is Tubetorial a good idea and he is executing on it!

If you are a blogger and/or you just want to see some cool, original, fresh ideas – please start checking us out daily.