Introduction: Books

If you buy my books on Amazon I can feed a Twitter IPO shareholder.

Book: The Wallstrip Edge

The Wallstrip Edge book cover

The Wallstrip™ Edge

I wrote my first book in 2007 after my show Wallstrip was acquired by CBS. I wanted to call it “The Twitter Phenomenon,” but the publishers at Hachette told me to zip it. I was extremely bullish on the social web boom and detailed the companies, ideas and trends I thought would be the big winners. I am really happy with the way the book holds the test of time and hope you enjoy it.

Book: The Next Apple

The Next Apple book cover

The Next Apple

My friend Ivaylo Ivanov and I have run SL50 together for years, and we decided to write this trend following book in 2014. In it, we cover in detail the process of finding, riding and selling the best stocks in the best trends. It is a good playbook for investors and traders looking to profit in the markets.

Book: The StockTwits Edge

The StockTwits Edge book cover

The StockTwits Edge

In 2011, my good friends Phil Pearlman, Ivanhoof and I wrote ‘The Wallstrip Edge’. We chased down 30 of the best traders and investors we knew and asked them to contribute a chapter on their go-to strategy for making money in the markets. I contributed Chapter 1 and offered up three stocks which turned out quite well in the following years. The book is a great resource for all styles of traders and investors.

Book: Trend Following 2.0

Trend Following 2.0 book cover

Trend Following 2.0

Trend Following 2.0, only available in German for some reason. I have no idea what it says, but if you are German and love stocks…you should cherish it.