BTFD in Manhattan

I walked around New York City today in my Stocktwits BTFD t-shirt.

At least 30 people stopped me in the streets to ask me about it.

Our Stocktwits store is powered by Shopify which makes it incredibly easy to sell merchandise. Stocktwits head of design (Chad Tempest) created the logo for it.

Seeing this picture of Josh Brown and I convinced me that I am too old to pull off such a hip t-shirt, but I will never get too old to sport the BTFD iPhone case.

Of all the people that stopped me, the one that really blew my mind was Raoul Pal, a good friend. Raoul is in town hiding out from ‘Irma’ which is on path with his home and HQ in the Cayman’s. We might just have missed each other if he had not recognized the shirt.

New York is so big and yet so small.

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