Catching up on the Markets and a Quick Momentum Monday

It is great to be back at my desk in San Diego.

I caught up with a bunch of traders and investors to work on getting my feel back on the markets.

Ivan and I put together a ‘Momentum Monday‘ to help organize our own thoughts around what’s working right now and go through some of our ideas (it is only 11 minutes):

As for what is NOT working it would be auto part retailers which until this year had been immune to other retailer woes:

Nothing new – auto parts stores stocks keep depreciating. $AAP $AZO $ORLY

— Ivaylo Ivanov (@ivanhoff) Jul. 5 at 07:55 AM

The stocks have quickly given up all their gains since 2014. This is no small problem if software, solar, electric and autonomous car worries and Amazon are finally showing signs of eating into their businesses. Autozone has 65,000 employees.

AS for CNBC – I don’t watch of course, but I saw Rudy Havenstein share a key topic of discussion they were digging into and it made me laugh. It seems there are a lot of fake financial news sites (but no cable sites like themselves) ‘pumping stocks’:

PS – This is some incredible footage of an eagle flying over a canyon:

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