Catching up On The Markets – What Have You Done for Me Lately!

I am heading home to Phoenix today from Palm Beach. I was meeting with some of our fund LP’s and not really following the markets. I am excited to have Max and Rachel coming home for Spring Break

Catching up early this morning on what’s working so I thought I would share some interesting charts and articles.

Last week I shared the spring cleaning I was doing.

The four major bullish themes so far this year are shaping up to be: enterprise software, cybersecurity, regional banks, Brazil.

In a tour around the world there are NO countries in a bear market.

The TOP NINE country ETF’s are ALL emerging markets.

The BIGGEST technology sector ETF is now back at all-time highs. Hopefully we hold above these levels as it crosses 1999 highs and momentum investors stay with it. These levels are interesting.

Ivanhoff points out that despite the price wars in brokerage commissions and the new entrants like Robinhood and Coinbase, the ‘boomer’ brokerages are hitting all time highs again. (I own Schwab)

Ivanhoff also points out the gene editing stocks that are acting well.

While I have not talked much about cryptocurrency much of late on this blog (I remain long some Ethereum and Bitcoin), the blockchain remains all the rage amongst venture capitalists and large corporations. My friend Mike Dudas pointed out that Rakuten – one of the largest global consumer technology companies – is moving their $9B points system onto a blockchain, rebranding them as Rakuten Coins.

Finally…a big argument in my streams was about all the buybacks that were going to come from the corporate tax breaks.

This week, I reread a great piece on stock buybacks with some great charts from Urban. The gist…stocks with the most buybacks have heavily underperformed the S&P. There’s a lot more to equity performance than ‘financial engineering.

Hope this helps keep you focused on the areas that matter right now in the markets.

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