Maybe the most heavily muted station in the free world is CNBC.

I would love to see an experiment where Maria Bartoromo says [email protected] every 2 minutes for a whole day. I think no one would complain.

For a just as funny and biting CNBC review – enjoy this post by Financial RX, entitled “Memo to CNBC” . My favorite paragraph follows:

CNBC: your website is awful. Literally worthless. You are a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the most valuable companies on the planet. Yet I can’t watch an interview with a guy from last Friday (worse yet, according to your search function, there is no record this regular guest exists). Both confirmed by a painful phone call with a robot in viewer services (by the way, I had to help her find the site first). Ever heard of YouTube? Check it out. See what I mean? Why is it I can watch the I Love Lucy Show from 1957 but can’t watch an interview from last Friday?

Classic stuff and I just went to the website and he is being NICE.

Wallstrip may have a chance :)