Congrats on the Sex America

This really made me LOL this morning from Stocktwts stream:

Sex is hitting all-time highs. It makes sense in the era of Tinder, Snapchat and Facebook where everyone is connected 24/7/365.

I wrote this earlier today:

Tinder is on pace to do over $1 billion in sales in 2019. I put Match/Tinder in my portfolio and on my 8 to 80 list of must own stocks back in early 2017 when it was in the teens (it closed at $45 today). I added some in the great Facebook dating scare of May, 2018.

But, it’s not just Tinder ($MTCH) that is ripping higher.

There is a startup (backed by some friends of mine) called Hims that is blasting millennials with sex right now . Their ads are everywhere as Pfizer’s Viagra comes off patent. All blue pill publicity is good publicity though as Pfizer is now at 20 year highs:

Here is a chart of Chruch and Dwight who make Trojan condoms (and baking soda):

I covered Church and Dwight back when I was making Wallstrip in 2007. Lindsay was so good in this episode.

If teens bought a little of each of these stocks each time they swiped for a date, they might just retire in their 40’s.

Note – Thanks Kevin Escalara for the title to this post.

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