Coronado Life and Little Italy Regrets

It has been a spectacular week of sun and fun in San Diego. It is hard to explain the peace and joy I get from living on Coronado. I am trying to find a rhythm to the slower pace of life.

Here is my current blogging view at 8 pm on Coronado…

Max has been working endless hours it seems at a local restaurant and Rachel is headed off to Easter Island for a few weeks so it is very different for Ellen and I having the kids around but not needing much of anything from us.

I have long been bullish on San Diego but am currently (and finally) being blown away by the growth in my favorite part of town called Little Italy.

About five years ago I took an office in Little Italy at a co-working space I personally invested in called Deskhub. The workspace is now full and thriving.

Little Italy is five minutes from the San Diego airport, on the ocean, and a stone throw from the I5 (which in no light traffic is 2.5 hours from Los Angeles).

I am not wired to invest or speculate in real estate but as I invested my working time in Little, I contemplated dropping everything to speculate on the neighborhood. It would have been a fantastic investment. It will continue to be a great investment for people.

Between UberX and Bird, Little Italy has it’s only issue (parking) pretty much solved.

I am surprised that Facebook and Google have not set up shop here for their best people as a lifestyle perk. Once they do, today’s prices will look cheap.

If you are reading this and have $5-50 million burning a hole in your pocket and need a partner with ugly feet and a bad hairline, dial me up.

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