Dear College Students and Parents…Continued.

My post yesterday struck a chord. The feedback was 100 percent positive. That makes me nervous in a Larry David sort of way.

I really liked my friend Ian Sigalow’s comment on my post:

Technology has commoditized access to information. It will soon commoditize access to people. When the door opens you better know how to communicate.

My daughter Rachel is a great communicator. She is a great listener. I want Max to be a better communicator and as I mentioned a few months back on this blog I set up a Google document for him to write about his daily college life. He has taken it seriously and continues to impress. I love getting a text from him each day that he has finished his writing for the day.

I have no friends in high places but my networks do. My networks can open doors for my kids, but that does not guarantee success. As Ian says, when the door opens, they better know how to communicate.

PS – Ben Hunt and Scott Galloway have excellent posts about the college admission scandals.

Here is Ben’s take titled ‘The Ministry of Rotes and The Compassionate Man‘.

Scott’s post is titled ‘How I Got Here‘.