Decentralized is the new Centralized

This is a great post from Albert atUnion Square Ventures titled ‘The Unknown Path to a Decentralized Future‘.

I am long Amazon and benefitted as a shareholder from their ability to increase market cap , run a breakeven business and pay no taxes.

The government may not be able to stop them or even slow them down, but decentralization just night. From Albert:

Most startups that have come into the crosshairs of one of the large centralized players (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and maybe a few others) have experienced how difficult it has become to grow a new offering. The new incumbents are aggressively managed, have nearly limitless financial resources and most importantly leverage their existing network effects to keep potential competition at bay.

Along come blockchains and crypto currencies. Here is a new technology that represents a foundational breakthrough: the ability to build decentralized networks that have consistent data without being controlled by a corporate or government entity. It is a technology that is potentially disruptive to the large players, exactly because it goes against the core of their existing businesses, which is the control and rent extraction from networks.

What a time to be alive!

Have a great weekend everyone.

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