Deep Market Thoughts…I Don't Know!

Josh wrote a post about entrepreneurs and VC’s yesterday entitled…’I Don’t Know ‘.

I think it applies to the stock market and ‘talking heads’ as well. It actually explains in a nutshell what I hate most about the idea of 24 hour stock news…They don’t [email protected]#king know!

I do know a few things about investing:

1. You don’t need to call tops and bottoms to be successful;

2. The less transacting you do, the better your long-term investing results will be.

Everything else I say about the markets is just an opinion based upon an educated guess…I Don’t Know!

PS – I do know that FLY is 100 percent correctamundo about Washington Mutual’s absolutely embarrasing and shockingly stupid ad campaign and website where they proclaim: ‘Most banks are grey, that’s just not our style’

No [email protected]#kers. Your style is to go bankrupt, because you are being run by a bunch of adolescent retards, who gambled the institution on homeless guys in need of a McMansion.

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