Define ‘Tool’?

I just got called a ‘Tool’ today, but not just a regular tool…a ‘Fucking’ tool.

No…not Rachel, Ellen, Max, Leslie, Chris, Phil, Ben, David, Mom, my lawyer, Stocktwits Investors…

This guy. Says he runs a hedge fund. I assume his dogs run the money if he has one. For about an hour, he ran a site into the ground called that was at least for a moment, a knockoff of Stocktwits, so he claimed. I guess we will never know why it was better. I know HE thinks it was better because he sent his pitch to my investors telling them so. Class act. A guy you should run to do business with.

I dish out a lot of shit so I have to take it too though. We fight our battles and Warren Buffett raises our taxes…serenity now.

Here is his website. I think you can trust people that have wood paneling on their website. I am helping him out here because he is screaming at me all the time about how bad we are and great he is. You decide.

Back to work.


  1. betty says:

    on his site, says he made 20% on sino today. look at the volume. Less than 70K shares traded on a 3 buck stock. I wouldn’t even trade that volume. This is how hedge funds trade? mm’kay. 

    • betty says:

      i guess you could make that trade. you would have to buy at the low, send out a newsletter to your subs telling them to buy, and then sell your holdings to your sucker–i mean subscribers. but im sure that’s not what happened. ;)

  2. VlogB/S Bagger says:

    1st Item ” What do you trade?Anything that can make us money! Depending on what subscription you purchase, TDL currently trades US equities, options, futures, and forex….( so the con here is when we confuse the hell out you on tier 1 we upsell you to tier II and so on until you blow out your account get depressed and blow out your brains so you wont think it was our fault you just didnt sign up for Tier III when askedWhat is your style & time frame?This system does not have set time frames. ( but i end by saying we trade multiple time frames)Our portfolio does use option writing and this strategy usually occurs right after expiration. We tend to write options in the front month, so this strategy usually lasts 30-days or less. Outside of this though, we are very flexible. 

    ( if he is selling the front month naturally the trade expires in thirty days)

    Way too many time wasting blog videos intra – day designed to confuse you- i mean when do you place a trade with all this noise going on?. Real time trade alerts are sent throughout the trading day alerting our subscribers what we are trading, the entry price, stop loss, and profit target. These alerts are sent directly to your email and archived on 

    In total there are three video blogs a day. Level III has access to all of them, while Level II has access to two of them (option & position vlogs). Our first vlog of the day is the forex and futures vlog. This is released to our Level III subscribers The second vlog of the day is released around 12pm EST and covers the option market (focusing on volatility) and our option positions.Finally, the position vlog is released after the close and takes a general look at the S&P 500 as well as our portfolio as a whole.

      • Anonymous says:

        Tell me Howard how exactly am I going to implode given that my rule #1 is to cut losses quickly? Do tell, I’m especially interested to learn from someone who has created so many money losing businesses as yourself, please educate gratzie!

  3. bclund says:

    You told me a while back that I should ignore this guy when I was getting into it with him about your silver trade.  You should do the same.  Not worth the time.  Don’t you have a new house to get in order?

      • Daniel Y says:

        I think the real fucking tool is the mainstream media’s fraudulent coverage of Ron Paul. Love him, hate him, or don’t care about him, the real story is he was neck in neck with Bachmann. Vent over.

  4. Chad Langager says:

    Looks like StockTwits and Howard Lindzon found their Winklevii – does this mean you’re now on your path to a $50B+ valuation or is this a new internet company meme. 

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  6. Mark Essel says:

    Tongue and cheek gravitas, that’s good stuff.
    I couldn’t understand his investment principles, it reminded me of this scene.
    “TDL is a comprehensive trading system that is a long/short trend following system using proprietary indicators combined with a macro thesis. The system at it’s core is run like a long/short hedge fund. Our portfolio is always long and short with the percentage of each determined by our general macro outlook and the fundamentals of each position. We utilize multiple time frames, allowing price action and overall market trends to be our guide.”

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