Dell on Wallstrip?


Tomorrow we start with a new sponsor of Wallstrip …Dell.

Just so happens the show is Blue Nile (NILE). Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and sponsors…mine.

They may not be Wallstrip worthy from a stock persepctive anymore, but you have to respect their Wallstrip table land grab. I do. I mean how much free coverage should we grant Apple. They are the most written about Company on my blog and talked about on Wallstrip and we get zip. The praise wil continue, just not the free logo and laptop pimping on our show.

Expect a whole running saga as Lindsay gets used to her Dell. Should be fun. It would be hard for me to switch back after all these years, but business is business and Lindsay is taking one for the team as she always does.

It’s fun and not obtrusive, and we hope to get creative.

Thanks so much to the Dell marketing team and Ed Wise at CBS for putting this product placement together. Should be fun.


  1. Kevin says:

    Complaining about free apple exposure?Pathetic. Business is business? Great way to support a POS company like dell that hasn’t innovated in 10 years and is part of a industry segment that retards the advancement of design and reliability. You just lost a viewer.

  2. Eric says:

    I’m not quite as upset as Kevin, but hopefully we won’t see any slants towards Dell in your coverage.

  3. Pete says:

    you would have been better off not showing any discernible computer logo from day one rather than switching – and this is on the surface – what else is Dell and CBS whispering in your ear … sorry , I’m with Kevin…it’s been great Wallstrip but time to move on (why didn’t you tell me you were married ????)

  4. peter, evan and eric – what are you talking about.

    how does that change the show. the show is about all-time highs the sponsors allow that to happen.

    You miss the point and the fact that you just drop us without a conversation is ridiculous so fine…good riddance.

  5. steven says:

    That laptop looks like a Croc.

    It does say something that Apple never paid you guys and you still had an iBook sitting there. If you can wring some money out of Dell that’s great.

    The best use of the new $$ would be to buy Lindsay an iPhone.

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