Digg is lame, but Diggnation is the perfect offspring

I think Digg is lame. I think Diggnation is the perfect monetization strategy for the fame and attention that Digg has received.

So do the angels in Kevin Rose’s Revision3 which I guess owns Diggnation , the video show for geeks with Kevin Rose.

A really favorable piece in Business 2.0 looks at the Web TV playing field that Kevin is helping explode. We love the growing pie at Wallstrip .


  1. Boots says:

    I think they still missed it, not open enough A combo between Metacafe.com and Vitrue.com with just a twist is closer to being the next big deal. The trick is to understand the traffic will follow the least resistance to freedom. The more open the input AND the output of the site is, the more traffic you are going to have. The sponsors have to ride this….not control it.

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    Actually a pretty lame post. Perfect is not a great term, but perfectly opportunistic works. Too quick with the fingers on that one. i dont really watch the show.

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