Digital River is flowing green with cash!


Talk about a recovery. Take a look at this lifetime chart for Digital River. Talk about a riches to rag to riches story.

Digital River’s stock is just hitting all-time highs and I will be buying a few shares today. Seems crazy having rallied so much, but it fits the profile for me.

Triple A client list, broadband working in it’s favor, great margins and an all-time high (even more impressive considering it went public during the bubble). Who am I to bet against this trend.

Wallstrip explores the real catalyst in a funny way. Enjoy it at the site or just click on the widget on my sidebar to the right.

Disclosure – buying Digital River tomorrow and hate Best Buy

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  1. Mike says:

    I showed DRIV in my Oct 27, 2006 list, a few days before/the day it broke out above 55. Just don’t follow my picks is all I ask.

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