Dolby Labs on Wallstrip

When Trader Mike recommended the stock for a show (the day after the stock rose 30 percent on earning news), I did not even know they were public.

The new highs have been coming fast and furious the last few weeks and Dolby was one of those. Back in Mid November, I added a small amount of Dolby Labs, Digital River and Baidu to my fund’s portfolio. Of course – I thanked Mike for the introduction.

When you think of movie sound and home surround or stereo sound, you think Dolby – at least I do.

With the help of today’s Wallstrip show, I now know why!

Management has done a great job monetizing the brand and their licensing model seems to be catching some product “wind at their back” cycle MOJO which is always nice. I have been in the licensing business. Sweet work if you can find it (and a good auditor to track the numbers :) ).

Disclosure – Long Dolby Labs