DUDE….Stocks are on Fire

Yes I am off margin, but barely, and I have been adding back the last two weeks with buys in Yahoo and WEBX.

If you don’t own WEBX, take a look. If it clears 50 see ya to the upside. I was scared out but reentered back at $42 and change.

Yahoo has spun me around but I changed my tune at the beginning of the year and am long and have been rewarded. I think it ticked $30 beans today.

Here are some other longs that I have talked about frequently, own and have been on fire. I still own them:

Apple – did sell a little yesterday but you will have to pry the rest from me.

Rentrak – RENT.

EWM – Malaysia. Here is a piece from
back in December 2005 .

NavTeq – NVT – my favorite GPS play. I also own Garmin.

Nuance – NUAN. It has almost doubled from my orifginal purpose and I still can’t find somebody who believes. Yet, more and more I hear their services when I call companies.

Akamai – AKAM. Been selling on the way up but original buy in the teens noted on this blog.

BAIDU – BIDU. No one Chineses stock is better suited to rise if their market rises and still rise in a market decline.

SIGM. Actually a component play so I have been selling since the mid 20’s and own a fraction of what I started with.

PHO – Water. I may be adding to my position soon.

Smith and Wesson – SWHC – this stock has been good to me for sure. It is my second go around.

Here is a new one I have been buying – SPIL – Silicon Precision.

This has been a real bull market and nobody owns stocks. Nobody. I do hear from bears every day though.

Disclosure – Long everything in this post.


  1. Todd says:

    I’m a big fan of YHOO myself. After bouncing back and forth on me for several months it’s finally picking up steam.

    Nuance is an interesting company. I held them several years ago just before the crash. Having used to work with their technology ,it’s fantastic.

    One word of caution with voice technology… it’s been “the future” for 20 years :) (Which clearly doesn’t matter if you are 2x on it.)


  2. Bill aka NO DooDahs says:

    I’ve been between 90 and 110% long most of the year so far, no complaints. Well, a few, but those are just my fuckups and I gotta own them.

    Beats the shit out of those who are short, hedged, or “defensive!”

    Every bear wants to say that the whole world is bullish, but that’s just bullshit. We are nowhere near 1999, maybe 1994 at best. I can’t swing my elbow to move the mouse and place an order without poking a bear in the nose!

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