Eating Crow on Icahn and BEAS…Courtesy of AssHat Fly!

Last week I wrote a post about how ‘HOT’ Software was going to get after the SAP purchase of Business Objects .

I named some posssible winners and bought them – Citrix, INFA and ADBE which all did great this week. BUT, the comments had the big winners and that’s way cool. My friend Ross nailed Cognos (COGN), up 15 percent this week, but the big winner was BEAS.

Here’s classic FLY introducng his choices into my comments and my reply:

FLY – Fuck you guys – Icahn says buy BEAS. You buy BEAS, else get clipped outside your favorite bakery.

Howard – Hows motorola coming for that old fart – He should be focused on Pfizer/viagra for the sake of his old shriveling

I was wrong by just trying to be a smartass, but FLY was serious and had a good idea of a company already in play. I should have looked a little further as BEAS got a huge bid this week from Oracle and even had the ‘balls’ to turn it down.

Software will stay hot as per my post and kudos to The Fly on both Beas and CRM (Wallstripped ).

Off to play Pacific Dunes now!

Disclosure – Long ADBE, CTXS nd INFA


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