Everyone can Be a Professional Investor and Stocktoberfest Schedule is Live (October 13-15 on Coronado)

I love this quote I read on Eddy’s stream today.

Today with Stocktwits and Robinhood it takes an investor little time to get past knowing nothing.

Once you know a little less than nothing you are in the sweet spot of investing.

You should save and you should invest and the faster you make it a habit, the faster your net worth grows.

Once you start watching TV and every tick of the market, you are on the way to knowing too much and hurting your investment returns.

The big lie in financial media and of course from the investment banks is that people that invest for themselves ‘trade from their mom’s basement’.

First off, everyone lives above ground in 2016 and let’s be honest, with hedge funds seeing their biggest withdrawls since 2009, the ‘basement’ dude is crushing the ‘hedgie’ (of course the 2 percent fee thievery dulls the hedgie pain).

Once you have built up some savings and made your first few investments, you must start to build your ‘peloton’ of trust. This is the next most important part of your investing life that puts you on the path of investing for ‘profit and joy. In 2016, building this ‘peloton’ has never been easier. You can draft behind the best investors in the world if you engage in the social web.

Once you start building the ‘peloton’ you have two choices …you can go the path of the ‘professional’ or the ‘pundit’. Charlie nails this post so please read it and print it out for your workspace. Everyone would do well to honor the code of the professional. When I started Wallstrip and Stocktwits my hope was that we could help people live a professional investment life without the fancy and expensive tools of Wall Street.

If you have never attended a Stocktoberfest do try and make this year your first. You will have a fantastic time. The event pulls together incredibly talented, approachable, professionals that will be there to share and expand their own peloton in a beautiful and energetic setting.

(BTW both Eddy and Charlie mentioned in this post will be speaking at Stocktoberfest on Oct 13-15th Eddy and Charlie are two of my favorite reads on the markets. Eddy is an awesome investor with his own ETF based on his market beating strategy).

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