FaceBook and Twitter…Don't Trust the Nerds…Focus on the Big Picture

You can’t get away from the Facebook and Twitter hate if you spend time blogging and surfing the web.

You would think that people blogging, surfing and using these products would be the ones that get it, but they don’t.

The nerds and the haters , mostly the technology bloggers, never get it. That’s despite being the biggest benefactors so far. We live in a time where technology writers have never gotten more attention. For the most part, they should have never been afforded this opportunity but for a confluence of events. Slowly first, but thankfully at an accelerating speed they are diluting themselves out. As quickly as they looked like stars, they will be forgotten as they lose focus.

If you want to make money though, you need to think Big Picture.

It’s about ‘Social Leverage’ and Commerce. Facebook and Twitter accelerate both. The pie is getting bigger and although the slices may be getting distributed, if you like PIE, than start to embrace these tools. Stop worrying yourselves about business models and valuations for two players. It’s their problem. Your problem is how to use these free tools to expand YOUR SLICE of a BIGGER PIE.

It’s almost too easy, but stop telling people about our little secret. Better yet, tell the nerds they are right.