Facebook, Russia and Trump

This ‘New Rules’ piece on Trump by Bill Maher is great. Watch it:

The American public is following Trump’s tweets and not the money, but Mueller is following the money and the tweets.

This Scott Galloway interview on Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Netflix is also very good. His thoughts on Facebook and Russia are right on:

Where do you come down on the issue of Facebook, fake news, and the presidential election?

This could be, if they handle it poorly, the moment Facebook goes into structural decline. I don’t think they are owning up to the fact that they are a media company. You produce content. You run advertising against it. You have large influence over society. Boom, congratulations. You’re a media company. The fourth estate has extraordinary influence and, with that, some responsibilities. Facebook seems to be comfortable with the former, not the latter.

It looks as if Facebook has been co-opted rather cheaply by Russians. And the notion that they can’t put in place safeguards to check this, such as when an advertising account is paid in rubles? I mean, that is literally a red flag. So they need to get out in front of this issue. Martha Stewart wasn’t put in prison for insider trading. She was put in prison for denying the issue.

Twitter and Facebook have hidden behind this platform and free speech flag for way too long. The digital walls are closing in.

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