Fall Clean Up – Updating My Investment Pages and Interviews

We all should have out best foot forward. It is one of the main reasons to journal and use the great publishing tools of today.

I am really proud of my investments on startups and 2012 has been the year of a lifetime for my portfolio and the gutsy entrepreneurs who have hustled and made it through the ‘Exit’ doors. I was very active in 2012 and it was time to update all of them in one place as well.


I am not sure how to deal with my losers as ‘failure’ is so common and I don’t want to stare at my losers or bring attention to the entreprenuers and investors that took the loss with me.

I am glad to have my anti-portfolio up on the page. It’s a reminder not so much of being wrong as it is a reminder that I was in the game. It hurts, but I am investing for a lifetime and it’s important to see as many great pitches as possible.

I have also updated my favorite interviews on my blog

Thanks to all my readers for encouraging me to keep making content and to the great entrepreneurs and investors that inspire me to work hard and invest.

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